Thursday, July 21, 2011

We sure have an awful lot of seafood here for a landlocked country.

I’m back!, Ok well I’ve actually been back since the weekend but who’s counting.  In case any of you were actually paying attention and wondering we have milk again, which is nice.  It’s in a slightly larger container which of course changes the milk: cereal ratio but oh well.  Speaking of food they’ve also had a lot of bananas recently which is nice just out of the ordinary.  However I don’t think I’ve seen any fresh bread all week, oh well can’t win them all.  I guess on the plus side while I was at bagram they had steak and lobster tail for dinner Friday night.  Steak is pretty common for one a week but last I heard the Lobster was on medical hold so we we’re able to get any, guess that changed?  Now it wasn’t the best lobster I’ve ever had but for a land locked country in SW Asia it wasn’t that bad.  Plus they didn’t get it at Camp CupCake(they had steak and fried fish or something less exciting like that), right place right time I guess.

The trip to bagram worked out pretty well, I’m glad I got a chance to go out there and spend some time somewhere else.  The project there is going well, not perfect but well enough I think.  I took some pictures, nothing really spectacular, the one I’m going to post is actually a pretty poor quality picture but I if you look closely you can see a little red inverted triangle hanging from the wire.  Now this picture was taken while we were driving around and it is actually looking into the base as we were on a perimeter road so the perimeter fence is behind me as I took this photo. Anyway you can’t read the sign in the photo but if you know anything about warzones you don’t need to.  It marks a minefield.  Yup we have bases that have minefields ON them.    Then again Afghanistan itself is pretty much one big minefield.  It just struck me as a rather odd sight, not because there was just one little section but a ton of different areas scattered all over the place that are waiting to be cleared, which is a rather slow and labor intensive process.

On the housing front I finally got a wall locker for my room, there is a tent full of them here and you just go and take one, not much trouble if you know where the tent is and have someone help you carry it. (not heavy just bulky)  So for the first time in a couple of months I’m no longer living out of a bag.  Also my other roommate (who has the bottom bunk under mine) got back from leave, he is a pretty cool guy very friendly so that’s nice.  And this morning the other roommate was able to scrounge up a ladder for me which is pretty cool.  Now I have no problem climbing into and out of the top bunk I’m still young and limber enough to pull that off somewhat gracefully however the bunks are the sturdiest things in the world so hopefully the ladder will help reduce the shaking of the bunk required and be somewhat nicer for my roommate in the bottom bunk. (It’s the little things in life.)

Not a whole heck of a lot else going on, least not that I can think of at the moment, just another day in paradise.

Ohh I almost forgot to mention the green beans smoothies.  Now I’m not a fan of coffee which is what green beans really serves (think starbucks in a warzone, yeah I don’t understand that one either), and they were out of ice tea which is my go to so I tried a chocolate smoothie.  It is more like a chocolate icee with milk.  However it is rather chocolatey so no real complaints(besides the lack of smoothness), plus on a hot dry day it’s pretty hard to go wrong with a nice cold drink.

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