Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dont have a Cow man.

EDIT: I wrote this a few days ago but was unable to post it.  Stayed tuned for the next episode where I discuss Bagram and I wonder why green beans smoothies arent really all that smooth. or really whatever i feel like talking about when the time comes.

Another week, another blog update.  Time just keeps going by.  So what has been going on in my life?  Well a lot of trivial things but I’ll write about them anyway since that is sorta the whole point of this. 

They’ve been out of milk at the dinning hall, ok they aren’t really out of milk they are just out of normal regular run of the mill milk. They have plenty of chocolate mike and banana milk and strawberry milk and soy milk (which I don’t think should be called milk since it’s from a plant but I don’t get to vote on these things so ehh)  Now this really isn’t a big deal and I understand the logistics to get stuff to camp cupcake but really cupcakes without milk? It just isn’t right.  The up side to this is while I have to have dry cereal since most people have switched to other breakfast foods that leaves a much larger selection of cereal for those of us that are diehards. I didn’t even know they had honey nut cherrios which are delicious(did you know they have a slight almond taste to them? I sure didn’t till I read the label) so I guess overall I’ve come out ahead on the whole deal.  The other option im thinking about is using chocolate milk on cocoa puffs, I doubt that would be a significant change. 

I also finally got a hair cut.  They have a little “salon” there with ?russian? ladies working there.  I got my head shaved back down to about the length I had it before I left, so it’s pretty short but much less to deal with so that is a significant improvement.  It took longer than I thought it would to just get it buzzed but ehh there was no wait and it was rather cheap so I cant complain to much.  I think it was 250 Afghani and with a tip on top of that so in the end it was probably about $7-8, which is fairly reasonable.

I also trimmed my beard.  Yeah it was kinda cool to have it all big and bushy but really it was just starting to be to much effort to keep it looking halfway decent.  Main reason to have the beard is it is less work than being clean shaven so when it starts to be extra work over and above the none that I have allocated to it I was forced to trim it back down to my standard just trimmed length.  It will grow out again if I let it, haven’t decided on that yet.  I was however rather surprised how long it got in a relatively short time.  It never really got itchy or anything like that either.  So maybe when I retire and live on some mountain in the middle of nowhere Montana I’ll be able to grow it all back out… haha we’ll see.  It was kinda fun to have especially with pretty much everyone else being clean shaven.  (makes picking yourself out in pictures very easy.)

Work this week has been ehh for the most part.  I did get to do some technical research/explanation which was actually pretty fun and interesting.  Other than that it was mostly non technical stuff.  I was part of a meeting with one of the generals which was neat but the really cool part was at the end of the meeting he turned to me and wanted to know who I was what I did etc.  we ended up sitting and talking for a few min about my background and some of the things I have done and why im here.  He was pretty supportive of what I think is my real reason to be here so that was nice.  He seems like a pretty decent guy.

Actually as I write this I’m over at Bagram but that doesn’t really matter since I wont be posting it till I get back to C^3 so you wont even know.  Actually the flight over here was a bit different than usual.  Flew rotary wing since why not it is the easiest way to get here as far as I can tell.  Well the birds they use have sliding doors on either side, like the new minivans do. For some reason they kept them open this time, normally they close them.  Well I was sitting in the back row on the right side facing forward.  My right foot was on the edge of the floor and you could look to the right and pretty much straight down which was pretty cool.  However it is also like riding in a convertible with the top down going somewhere around 100mph im guessing, I’m glad I bought a good pair of sunglasses for times like that it was worth it.  Makes it a little hard to breath too just cause you’re being hit with the wind and the rotor wash.  It was a pretty neat experience being able to look more or less straight down while you’re flying along.  Helicopters are so cool, just how they move in the air is really neat and fun to watch/be in.  Other than the wind it was a pretty normal flight.

I’m obviously in bagram for work, naw I just vacation here… but I’ve also been able to meet some people that I’ve emailed and talked to on the phone or whatever but never actually met in person so that has been nice as well.  They still fly a lot of plane out of here and it’s been pretty dusty today, and windy, sorta of minor dust storm from what I can tell, sometimes you can only see a few hundred yards it seems.  Actually it felt like it was going to storm/rain for most of the afternoon/evening but of course it didn’t.  Maybe it will rain some once we get to the fall? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  At least the humidity is low, I caught a glimpse of the news and the weather and looks like it’s hot back home but at the same time they say it’s 102 or whatever and that is slowly starting to seem less hot. Hope everyone is managing to stay cool!

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