Friday, May 6, 2011


I've been at CRC for the past week or so. Basically pre-deployment prep, getting all the training done, shots, other medical and admin stuff taken care of.  Basically it has been a whole lot of hurry up and wait, but I'm really happy I was able to get all the online training done before I came as well as getting all the medical stuff taken care of earlier.  I haven't had any real problems, my orders were in the wrong format but that was easily fixed so no big deal.  I got a ton of gear the other day, I doubt I'll even use half of it but that really depends on how adventurous we get, yeah I doubt I'll use half of it.  They gave me three of the big green standard army duffel bags, right now I have pretty much everything except my armor/kevlar and my assault pack with civilian clothes in two of them so hopefully I'll be able to get those items in the third and just carry a small bag on the flights.  Found out it isn't a straight shot flight but rather a series of smaller flights to get over there which is nice, I wasn't looking forward to 16 hours in a plane non-stop. 

The best way to describe CRC to someone is probably something very similar to boy scout camp except you're in buildings not tents and the little store sells beer and cigarettes. I guess it's also similar to prison in that you'll get long stretches with nothing to do and aren't really allowed to go anywhere so everyone just hangs out.  Well at least that is my impression of prison, I'm ok not finding out if I'm wrong.  My roommates are pretty cool and laid back, one of them has deployed three times before so he has been a wealth of knowledge when it comes to how things work and what to expect. The food is cafeteria food, pretty much like how food in college was, not great but at least you don't have to fix the food or clean the kitchen.   Weather has been great, a little chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon, sunny. 

Also since today is mostly for makeup stuff and getting last minute things taken care of, I was able to tag along with the military guys all morning and do the M9 training and qualification.  I shot Expert, hitting 28 out of 30 targets (you need to hit 26 to shoot expert).  Not bad, especially if you know how often I shoot a pistol. 

Alright I guess that is all I have for now, next update will probably be from somewhere else.

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  1. Good luck on the flights. Although the 13-hour flights I've been on were pretty brutal, I'd actually prefer a 16-hour direct flight because it means less lugging your gear around and waiting for connecting flights.

    And nice shooting!