Thursday, September 1, 2011

Water Falling from the sky? Crazy!

I’m Back!  Ok well I’ve been back since Saturday but who is counting?  The journey back was a bit of a journey.  We were planning on leaving mid day but that flight got canceled and the next one wasn’t for about 12 hours so we spent all afternoon/evening sitting around the PAX terminal at Shank waiting for our flight.  AFN shows terrible movies, but I did finish the third book in the A Song of Fire and Ice.  We finally got to go out to the plane about 0200ish? I dunno it was late.    But instead of a bus or anything like that we rode out in the back of some big truck. I’m not exactly sure what it was, basically the military version of a big flatbed that had bench seats along the sides.  It was pretty cool, mostly because it was a really clear night and you could see all the stars and whatnot.

So after a rather short flight we were back and BAF, and by the time I found out when my flight back to C^3 the next day was I only had about 2 hours to go lay down and grab some sleep.  So I did.  Then once I got back up and humped it over to the terminal I found out I had been bumped from my flight, thanks guys.  Of course there weren’t any flights going back to C^3 later that day but I was able to get a flight to one of the other bases here in Kabul that I had been to before and I figured I’d be able to work my way back from there.  Once I got on the helicopter we actually ended up stopping for gas, which isn’t really all that exciting except it was something Id never done before, basically we had to hop out and stand off to the side while they gas the birds up.  And then we were off.  Got to Kabul and made my way out to the pickup point for the drive team.  I managed to catch a break there as they showed up after about 10 min (I had not idea what their schedule was like but figured they would come by sooner or later.) and had room for me so I was able to back it back to C^3.  Went into the off to drop gear and then went and got a nice hot shower and got some clean clothes before going back to the office.  The boss was pretty happy that I was back.  (the whole trip took a bit longer than planned, I think I was gone for ~ 17 days when I was only originally scheduled to be going 12ish.  oops)  Had some food and then went back to my room and crashed for 3-4 hours which was great.  Got to sleep in the next morning too so sleepwise I got caught back up pretty quick. I still felt subpar for a few days but that has gone away now so no complaints. 

This week has been kinda busy, I’ve mostly been working on post trip stuff.  Which is the “work” part of the fun of travel.  I’ve got some good stuff down so we’ll see where that goes.  It was nice that I was able to have internet/email access from a few places on the road so I was overloaded with that stuff when I got back. 

So it rained really heavy one day while I was out and then it rained the day after I got back but only for a little bit, today it rained ALL day, that long steady soaking rain.  Man I haven’t really seen much rain in a long time (unlike the east coast), It is pretty weird.  I actually the warm and dry a lot more!  NM really seems like a nice place to live the more I think about it.  That and It’s already September!  I have somewhere around 30% time left here at the white collar prison that is Camp CupCake.  Then I have to deal with the real world again, scary stuff.

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