Thursday, June 9, 2011


Well this has been a rather eventful week, ok not really the whole week mostly the last few days.  I can honestly say that most of the days this week went by pretty quick and the week as a whole has really zipped by.  My new boss finally arrived so that has been the major cause of everything going on.  Lots of showing him around and in processing and other general administrative things needing to be done.  It will be a somewhat significant change in the office so we’ll see how that goes.  Overall I think it will be different maybe better maybe worse but different.  Also I think I’m going to get to do more of the engineering types of things that I wanted to come over here to do so that is pretty exciting for me, of course we’ll see if that actually pans out or not but for now I’m excited about it.

I finally got a real (permanent) room too this week.  Ok well truthfully apparently I had a real room oh 2-3 weeks ago and just neglected to go pick up the key so it was given away to someone else.  Anyway it resulted in having a real room in one of the hardstands instead of being located in one of the RLBs for the entire time I’m here so aside from the short scolding I took from the billeting NCO I figure I can out ahead in the deal.   Apparently the “building” that im in currently is going to be torn down soon so I’ll probably start the move out process this weekend. We’ll see I rather like my roommate. (the “building” im in now isn’t really any more than a organized stack of conex boxes with sequential door numbers.)  I  should go introduce myself to my new roommates later this evening, just thinking out loud. 

Right now Im actually in the DFAC (cafeteria) sitting typing, apparently the J6 is having a function thing here (they brought in pizza from somewhere, yeah to get pizza here requires suiting up in full battle rattle and going to get it, little different than NJ).  They were playing cool dashboard cam videos from what looked to be the drive team so I was watching that just because it was interesting.  Also there is a group of guys playing Catan, they had four already but it surprised me to see it, stood around and watched for a bit, hard not to comment to much.  Most nights there are people in here playing cards/poker too.

Just a testament to how busy I’ve been this week is I think this is the first time since last weekend that I’ve gotten on the computer after work, between going to the gym and having to stay late for random meetings or all sorts of other stuff by the time I get back to the room I generally just take a shower and read in bed for a hour or so.  The dry summer air here is great after a workout, get done riding the bike and by the time I get done walking a lap around the perimeter (about 1.1 km) I’ve stopped sweating and am mostly if not totally dried off.  The exercise bikes they have here are really swank too which is cool.(well two are and two are really old school but ehh they all work)  Some of the new guys have been talking about the difference in air here even when compared to bagram (we’re about 1000ft higher than bagram here) but apparently the 6 weeks I did back on the east coast wasn’t enough to reset my blood because I have noticed any trouble breathing since I got here. (Los Alamos is ~7300 ft which is about 1500ft higher than here.  Good planning on my part….)

Oh and apparently they just released a telework policy for Picatinny so for all my peeps back home please figure that out before I get back, sounds like something worthwhile.  I mean with my extra long commute and all.

Alright I guess that’s all for now, not sure how I’ll spend the rest of the evening.  Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Hey, Glad to hear there was benefit to your time spent in New Mexico.
    And a little bit surprised that PapaJohns doesn't deliver to your current address.

  2. Hi SnipeH, looks like we got the commenting figured out